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It's not all about the piccies at 23 Photos of, we love a great travel tale too. Below are 2 articles from Vienna.

Vivacious Vienna

Vienna is a wonderful, enchanting city with a romantic, if not somewhat exotic, atmosphere. Whiffs of incense and Egyptian-smelling cigarettes waft over its back streets. Coffee with whipped cream and paprika are its tastes. Mix these with the rumble of motor traffic, the hum of trams, and the sound of the waltz, and you have the world's most musical city.....

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Waltzing Through Vienna

There's no place on Earth more intimately associated with music than Vienna. Although a visit to Vienna is enjoyable for many reasons, there's no better reason than hearing the Vienna Boys Choir "at home," attending the grand Staatsoper, and mixing Strauss with your strudel.....

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