Photo Sales FAQs

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What is the price of a 23 photos of photograph?

The price of each individual photo is €25.

What does my €25 get me?

A digital copy of your requested photo of a size of at least 3,040 x 2,016 pixels (and up to 4,288 x 2,848 pixels) devoid of all branding.

So you don't send me a photo in the post?

No, all photo purchases are for digital copies which we send to you via email.

How do I pay?

All photo purchases are facilitated securely through Paypal. No debit or credit card information is obtained or handled at any point by 23 photos of.

How do I order my photo?

Just email us and let us know what photo it is that you're after. We'll email back with the photo as an attachment just as soon as we can.

If you like the photo and can use it, that's great. We can then organise payment for the photo via Paypal. If you don't like it, that's okay too. Keep the photo free of charge.

Do you have any other photos of for sale?

Yep, we've got thousands. Only a very small percentage actually make it onto 23 photos of. If you're after something in particular, get in contact and we'll trawl our photo cache in attempt to locate something suitable.

What if I'm not happy with my photo?

We'll give your money back, no questions asked. You can keep the photo at any rate.

Can I make copies of my purchased photo?

Please feel free to make a copy of any purchased photo for backup purposes.

What can I use my purchased photo for?

To hang on a wall, to give to a friend, in virtually any type of promotional item from websites, advertising, packaging, personal projects, CD or DVD packaging, film and video presentations, multimedia presentations, commercials, the list goes on.

What can't I use my purchased photo for?

Well, nothing really, though for some uses we require you to purchase an extended licence.

Extended licences are required:

  • for using purchased photos in templates for resale (e.g. flash templates, website templates, brochure templates, PowerPoint templates).
  • for displaying purchased photos larger than 800 x 600 pixels on the web.
  • for using purchased photos in print on demand products, such as CafePress products, posters, cards, etc.
  • to modify purchased photos to be placed on t-shirts, mugs, posters, templates or other items, to be sold to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale.
  • to reproduce purchased photos in printed press or to use in print publications exceeding print runs of 50,000 copies.

Please contact 23 photos of to discuss extended licenses for any of the cases listed above.

Some of the photos featured on 23 photos of aren't for sale. Why is that?

It is impossible to shoot street scenes and everyday life in without having people appear in the final product. 23 photos of images include many photos of people - some very much the focus of the photograph, others where people just make up the background noise.

Whilst all types of photos make up the content of 23 photos of we are very particular about choosing which photographs we offer for sale.

At 23 photos of we make every effort to avoid offering for sale any photo featuring a person without their written consent. In essence this means that all photos selected to be offered for sale via the 23 photos of online store have gone through the following vetting process:

  • If there is a photo where a person is clearly the main subject of the photograph and that person is recognisable, that photo will not be offered for sale on 23 photos of.
  • If there is a photo where a person is secondary to the main focus of the photo and that person's face is clearly recognizable, that photo will not be offered for sale on 23 photos of.

Sometimes it means we have to make a judgement call as to whether or not to offer a photo for sale. We try to err on the conservative when making these judgement calls.

So far that has meant removing from the store a number of photos that are available for viewing online.

We do however offer photos containing people where those people are not clearly recognizable in the following cases:

  • where the person has there back to the camera
  • where the person in question is blurred for effect
  • where the person in question is at distance
  • when the person in question is part of a crowd

So hopefully the only people that make it into photographs offered for sale on 23 photos of are unrecognisable. That is definitely our aim and if we have failed in regards to any photograph you come across please don't hesitate to contact us and we shall investigate the matter further.

How do I get in contact with 23 photos of

If you would like to discuss our policy in regards to any of the FAQs, terms or practices discussed above, or for any other reason for that matter, please contact us.

Now give yourself a pat on the back, very few people get all the way through this page :-)