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It's not all about the piccies at 23 Photos of, we love a great travel tale too. Below are 6 articles from Paris.

Making Room for the Louvre

Paris, the City of Light, overflows with things to see and do. At the top of every tourist's list is a visit to the Louvre, but most don't realize just how gigantic the place really is. Saying you've visited the Louvre is a far cry from actually experiencing it, so how can you do that and see all the other things on your Parisian list?....

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Cycling the Ile-de-France

Ile-de-France — the Island of France, a romantic name for a magical region. This green island framed within rivers is France's heartland. Here, you can stroll in forests that once served as royal hunting preserves, visit the Sun King's favorite chateaux, or count your blessings in some of the world's greatest cathedrals. This is the world around Paris, easily reached by bicycle from the French capital. And while the pleasures of Paris are well known, the satisfactions to be found on trips into the surroundings aren't so apparent.....

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Where Paris Began

Though Paris is today a sprawling metropolis, it originated on an island in the River Seine during the first century B.C.E. Back then it was little more than a fishing village inhabited by a tribe known as the Parisi. After Caesar conquered Gaul, the settlement grew rapidly and became an important trading link in the Roman Empire. After the fall of Rome, its inhabitants changed its name from Lutetia, its Roman name, to Paris. To get a feel for early Paris, you need to stroll around the Ile de la Cite, as the island is now called.....

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Literary Paris

The essence of Paris has always been literary, and nowhere is this more vividly sensed than in its many bookstores. The literary ghosts of past eras linger on the Left Bank, Right Bank, in fact, all around town. Even today, Paris remains a city of books and book lovers. The city is so full of bookstores that there are almost too many to count.....

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Recreation and Relaxation: Paris' Most Beautiful Parks

For many visitors Paris, France can seem like a whole new world from what they know. Immersed in culture and history, the city is a truly wonderful place to visit with friends, family or a lover.....

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Top 5 Unmissable Paris Experiences

The City of Light should be on everyone's list of destinations to visit at some point in their life. The city is teeming with history, beauty and culture and every inch is worth seeing and exploring. Unfortunately, that is simply impossible in a single visit, so here are five experiences no one should miss.....

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