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It's not all about the piccies at 23 Photos of, we love a great travel tale too. Below are 11 articles from London.

The Beauty of Kew

If you're a garden lover, then a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, a 300-acre botanical fantasyland of gardens and greenhouses simply referred to as Kew Gardens, is a must any time of the year.....

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Offbeat Museums of London

Everyone who goes to London visits its famous museums — the British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National and the Tate Galleries. But tucked away throughout the city are some unique museums that offer a glimpse into some offbeat subject areas.....

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A Day Out of London

While London may seem to have endless attractions, many visitors like to get away from the city for a day or two. After settling in, you should look into some of the daily bus tours to places like Stratford-on-Avon or Oxford. ....

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Where to Enjoy a Traditional Afternoon Tea in London

London is an ideal spot for anyone looking to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea, as it has been an event here for several centuries. Since the 1800s, when women first started copying the 7th Duchess of Bedford and taking tea in the afternoon, the tradition of sitting down to a selection of teatime delicacies and some fine tea has continued to gather strength – at one point it was one of the two main meals of the day! Nowadays, there remain some excellent London institutions that offer the kind of afternoon tea that will take you right back to the tradition's origins – here are some of the best.....

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Walking in the Shadow of Charles Dickens

Imagine walking in the shadow of Charles Dickens. Imagine the scenes and settings within certain London neighborhoods that are inextricably linked to such works as Little Dorrit, The Pickwick Papers, and David Copperfield. Imagine an era of overcrowded alleyways and grimy buildings, the workplaces which, during Dickens' time, were more polluted from coal smoke and dust.....

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Taking Photos in the Dark

Having the sun up isn't a necessity for taking an awesome picture, as you'll discover if you head out onto any busy street of a city. There'll be car headlights, neon signs and display windows artificially illuminating the environment to such urban beauty that you'll realise daylight is purely optional in photography.....

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How to Arrange a Trip to London on a Budget

Times are tight for everyone at the moment but if you want to explore the UK's glorious capital then don't be put off as it's still possible to do it on a shoestring. No matter whether you're looking to do some sightseeing, eat out, go drinking and dancing, browse the best of the city's markets or get to know London's fascinating history, there are options for budgets of all sorts, from the most opulent through to the most modest.....

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Luxury Holiday Destinations Close To Home

Whenever luxury holiday destinations are mentioned, it is common for holidaymakers to think of far-flung locations, like the Caribbean or the Pacific islands. However, there is no need to fly long-haul in order to enjoy the finest accommodation and scenery, as there are excellent luxury holiday destinations 3-4 hours away from the UK. ....

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Charming Summer - Photographing Knightsbridge

Knightsbridge has long been one of London's most tourist-friendly destinations with its large hotels and shops, most famously Harrods department store.....

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What to do in London if you're not going to the Olympics

The clamour and excitement surrounding the London 2012 Olympics is just about reaching fever pitch in the UK and every advertising slogan, supermarket product range and promotion seems to be geared towards making the most of the sport-fever that's about to grip the capital city. However, if you're either not lucky enough to have gotten your hands on a ticket to any of the events, or you just don't have any interest in watching the billion pound sporting fiesta then don't worry as the rest of the city won't be shutting down.....

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Landmarks of London

With the Summer Olympic Games coming to London in 2012, the capital is set to welcome millions of people for an unforgettable experience. Whilst The Games will provide plenty of entertainment throughout the summer, many visitors will be looking for the welcome distractions of the city - and everything that it has to offer.....

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