Airports Going Mobile: Accessible Travel is Reaching New Heights

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Airports Going Mobile: Accessible Travel is Reaching New Heights

Many of us grew up with the notion that traveling is a luxury, but in the past few years, we've been seeing much more options for travel opening up. In 2012, a record-breaking 1 billion tourists traveled internationally, with $217 billion of the $1.088 trillion made by tourism coming from younger travelers. It seems travel has really become the new international pastime, and in keeping with the times, airports have begun offering mobile solutions to their customers.

Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol

Having been named among Europe's 5 Best Airports and constantly topping lists for travelers' favorite airport, Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol has once again proven that it knows exactly what its customers want. The airport has its own museum and library, allowing travelers to have a taste of classic and contemporary art and literature while awaiting their flights. Schiphol is even building a new Hilton hotel, and it's truly transforming our idea of what an airport is. They've also released a Schiphol app for iPhones, Android phones, Windows phones, and Blackberry phones, as well as optimized their website for mobile.

London's Heathrow Airport

Heathrow is among the busiest airports in London, and with expansions having completed recently, it's easy to lose your way amongst the crowds in its large halls. The Heathrow Airport Guide, however, puts the airport in your pocket and lets you do everything from track your flight to see full shop and restaurant listings. According to Parking4less, Heathrow also has three long-stay car parks that service its 4 terminals, and the Heathrow Airport Guide app also lets you book long stay parking. It even has guides for making your trip through airport security easier. The app is also available for iPhone, Android phones, Windows phones, and Blackberry phones.

Australia's Brisbane Airport

Australia's Brisbane Airport has repeatedly been recognized for its pushes towards corporate responsibility and its great customer service, and their app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play, shows this commitment as well. The Brisbane Mobile Phone App allows users to not just track flights, but share their flight information with friends and family, so they be notified via text should any changes on the flight occur. This eliminates the hassles of coordinating with friends who are picking you up at the airport. The app even lets you track down your car if you've forgotten where you parked it -- and let's face it, we've all been there before.

Other airports have also begun development of their own apps. Hong Kong International Airport and the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport have also released their own apps that allow their customers to make the most of the airport experience.