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It's not all about the piccies at 23 Photos of, we love a great travel tale too. Below are 2 articles from Hong Kong.

The Natural Side of Hong Kong

Few visitors to Hong Kong realize that beyond the tiny bustling city hub and hotels of Hong Kong are approximately 500 square miles of countryside. More than half of this pastoral area is parkland which stretches over the mountains and islands far from the madding crowd of urban Hong Kong.....

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Top Sights to See in China

Known as the homeland of the oldest continuous civilization, China exercises the imaginations of people all over the globe. With its rich history, unique culture and charming people, this ancient land offers visitors plenty of reasons to visit. After all, the country boasts some of the world's most recognizable sites, both natural and architectural, as well as a bustling modern economy that has transformed the way that Chinese people live and work over the last fifteen years. ....

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