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It's not all about the piccies at 23 Photos of, we love a great travel tale too. Below are 3 articles from Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile and Beyond

Edinburgh is one of the most scenically awesome cities on earth. Its imposing Castle is as dominating and eye-catching as the Acropolis in Athens. Its volcanic hills, its attractive green urban landscape, its spectacular vistas from numerous lookout points, its tasteful complexes of streets, terraces, buildings, and squares, all add to its splendor.....

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Day Trips From Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a hugely popular tourist destination due in no small part to its Castle, the allure of its Old Town, and for some at least, its Scotch whisky tours. But step out of town and there's a lot of beautiful scenery to be taken in on the doorstep of the Scottish capital. Tourists can enjoy day short day trips from Edinburgh and be back at their hotel before heading out on the town that evening for a hearty feed of haggis, followed up by a wee dram or two.....

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Taking Photos in the Rain

Regardless of whether you've got a DSLR camera with lots of functions or a compact basic digital camera, chances are you'll want to keep it in good condition. If you're keen on getting some beautiful shots in the rain, you'll be at risk of getting your swanky new snapper soaking wet, and possibly destroyed. Sometimes certain landscapes look more beautiful when it's raining, and if you have the correct settings and the correct camera set-up to protect it from the elements then you don't have to wait for the sun to appear in order to take a great landscape image.....

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